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"Imaging calorimeters for precision physics at the ILC"
講演者 : Felix Sefkow
(DESY, 上級研究員)

日時 : 2016/3/11(Fri.)15:30 〜 17:30
場所 : 素粒子物理国際研究センター会議室(理学部1号館10階1017号室)

Abstract :
In the past decade, the quest for high precision experimentation at high energy electron positron colliders was a major driver of developments in particle detection technology. For example, advances in micro-electronics integration have led to the development of highly granular calorimeters, able to produce detailed images of electromagnetic and hadronic showers. These capabilities can be used to reconstruct charged and neutral particles individually even in the the dense environment of jets produced at present and future high energy experiments.
The talk will discuss precision measurements of Higgs boson properties at the ILC and give an overview on challenges and novel concepts in calorimetry, the technological developments and the results obtained in test beam experiments.

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"Precision particle physics at PSI"
講演者 : Klaus Stefan Kirch
(スイス連邦工科大学チューリッヒ校, 教授、PSI, 素粒子物理グループ・リーダー)

日時 : 2016/2/18(Thu.)17:00 〜 19:00
場所 : 素粒子物理国際研究センター会議室(理学部1号館10階1017号室)

Abstract :
The ring cyclotron at the Paul Scherrer Institut delivers a 1.4MW, 590 MeV proton beam to targets producing the highest intensities of low momentum pions, muons and ultracold neutrons.
Precision experiments with high particle intensities at low energies can be uniquely sensitive to new physics. I will present some recent and ongoing experiments challenging our understanding of the baryon asymmetry of the universe, of charged lepton flavor violation and of the strong and electro-weak interactions of the Standard Model of particle physics.

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"Searches for the supersymmetric partner of the top quark with the ATLAS Detector"
講演者 : Till Eifert
(欧州原子核研究機構(CERN) ATLAS実験, Staff Scientist)

日時 : 2015/10/19(Mon.)13:30 〜 15:00
場所 : 素粒子物理国際研究センター会議室(理学部1号館10階1017号室)

Abstract :
Naturalness arguments for weak-scale supersymmetry favour a supersymmetric partner of the top quark (top squark) with a mass close to its Standard Model counterpart. Furthermore, experimental constraints -- especially important for the top squark sector -- arise from the recent observation of a Higgs boson at around 125 GeV. The top squark is thus an excellent experimental probe, and has received much attention.
In the seminar, I will present an overview of the extensive top squark search program with the ATLAS detector, highlight some of the experimental challenges, and discuss next steps.

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"CMS recent results & Higgs CP study using H->tau tau final state"
講演者 : 高橋 悠太
(欧州原子核研究機構(CERN) CMS実験, CERN fellow)

日時 : 2015/10/2(Fri.)16:30 〜 18:00
場所 : 素粒子物理国際研究センター会議室(理学部1号館10階1017号室)

Abstract :
Constraining the Higgs CP property can be a powerful probe for new physics. In contrast to the SM, where the Higgs boson is an eigenstate of the CP symmetry (CP even), there are numerous examples of new physics, where the physical Higgs boson is an admixture of CP eigenstates.
This seminar presents recent feasibility studies of the model-independent CP property measurement using H->tautau final state with LHC run2 data, after briefly reviewing recent CMS status and results at 13TeV. The improvement of the tau identification algorithm will be also mentioned as an important ingredient to improve the analysis sensitivity.

講演資料 : [トラペ (PDF file, 4.87MB) PDF]
"The new results from Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS)"
講演者 : 灰野 禎一
(台湾 中央研究院 物理研究所, 副研究員)

日時 : 2015/9/9(Wed.)14:00 〜 16:00
場所 : 素粒子物理国際研究センター会議室(理学部1号館10階1017号室)

Abstract :
AMS is a high precision particle detector on the International Space Station (ISS) to probe the early Universe through the measurements of energy spectra of cosmic-ray antiparticles. In its first four years in orbit, AMS has collected more than 65 billion cosmic-ray events up to TeV energies. The AMS collaboration has been presenting the latest results in its quest to understand the origin of cosmic rays and dark matter. These intriguing results were shared and discussed during the “AMS days at CERN” in April/2015 as well as in the International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC) in July-Aug/2015. In this seminar introduction of AMS and its published and the new results will be discussed.

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