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"Reactor θ13: the Ultimate Measurement?"
講演者 : Dr. Anatael Cabrera
(Dr Staff / Permanent Researcher of CNRS/IN2P3, APC Laboratory CNRS/IN2P3 Universite Paris)

日時 : 2012/12/5(Wed.)16:30 〜 18:00
場所 : 素粒子物理国際研究センター会議室(理学部1号館10階1017号室)

Abstract :
A new neutrino oscillation mode has been observed in around 2011-2012 by reactor neutrino experiments. This oscillation mode was expected under the 3 neutrino oscillations model characterised by the PMNS mixing leptonic flavour matrix , where the so-called "solar" and "atmospheric" modes are modulated by the the mixing angles θ12 and θ23, respectively. The new oscillation is modulated by θ13. Amazing progress has been obtained thanks to the precise contributions of the reactor neutrino experiments (alphabetically ordered: Daya Bay, Double Chooz, RENO). Consistent evidence towards θ13 oscillations had been obtained from electron neutrino appearance by T2K and MINOS experiments and the tension between combined Solar experiments and KamLAND results. sin^2(2θ 13) is now known to be around 0.1 -as large as the CHOOZ limit allowed it to be- while the current precision is around 15%, dominated by the Daya Bay measurements. In this seminar, the global reactor θ13 measurement situation will be reviewed. The final best reactor θ13 measurement (full statistics envisaged by end of ~2015) will dominate our knowledge on this parameter for a long time. No other technique, with current technologies, is expected to offer cleaner input on the value of θ13. We will cover discussion on the experimental progress to ensure a precise but also the most accurate measurement of θ13. The impact of the accuracy on the knowledge of θ13 will be highlighted within the phenomenological context of a coherent 3-neutrino oscillation model.

講演資料 : [ ]
"Experiments at the Tevatron from the discovery of the top quark to the evidence for the Higgs boson"
講演者 : Dr. Dmitri Denisov
(DZero experiment Spokesman, Fermilab)

日時 : 2012/11/8(Thu.)16:00 〜 17:30
場所 : 素粒子物理国際研究センター会議室(理学部1号館10階1017号室)

Abstract :
The talk will review results from the Fermilab Tevatron, 2 TeV proton-antiproton collider, including searches for new particles and interactions and precision measurements of the Standard Model parameters.
Tevatron results on the evidence of the Higgs boson production and decay to a pair of b-quarks will be discussed as well as status of the observed deviations from the Standard Model predictions in the same sign di-muon production and angular distributions of top quarks.
I will also review the future experimental program of Fermilab.

講演資料 : [トラペ (PDF file, 8.06MB) PDF]
"J-PARC 実験:K中間子崩壊によるレプトンユニバーサリティの破れの探索"
講演者 : 今里 純
(高エネルギー加速器研究機構・素粒子原子核研究所, 名誉教授)

日時 : 2012/6/28(Thu.)17:00 〜 19:00
場所 : 素粒子物理国際研究センター会議室(理学部1号館10階1017号室)

Abstract :
レプトンユニバーサリティーの破れは、レプトンフレーバーを破る 超対称性相互作用等についての知見を与える。
現在 J-PARC において K+ 中間子の2体崩壊である Ke2 と Kμ2 崩壊幅比の精密 測定により、μ と e とでのユニバーサリティの破れを探る実験が計画されている。 実験はTREKスペクトロメータを用い、静止 K+ 崩壊による。
講演では、この実験の物理的意味、到達感度、測定器準備の状況、スケジュール などについて述べる。

講演資料 : [トラペ (PDF file, 8.85MB) PDF]

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