30th ICEPP Symposium 東京大学素粒子物理国際研究センターシンポジウム




The following is an example of the route to the venue.
Travel expenses from the affiliated institute to the the nearest station of Shiga Lake Hotel (Yudanaka Station) will be paid based on the University of Tokyo Travel Expense Regulations.

志賀レークホテル /
Shiga Lake Hotel

〒381-0401 長野県下高井郡山ノ内町志賀高原蓮池

Shigakogen 7148, Hasuike, Yamanouchi Shimotakai-gun, Nagano, 381-0401, Japan
TEL: (+81-)0269-34-3232

Access Map

Participants from the Kanto area

Participants from the Kansai area


* Please change trains at Omiya Station for Tohoku-bound passengers and at Takasaki Station for Joetsu-bound passengers.
* All Hokuriku Shinkansen Kagayaki trains have reserved seats. After Omiya Station, there is no stopover until Nagano Station.

長野駅からのアクセス /
Access from Nagano Station

Take Nagaden Bus from “JR Nagano Station”

  • 長電バス 志賀高原線 (長野駅東口発・急行 約70分、2,200円) 時刻表
  • Nagaden Bus Shiga Kogen Line (Departure from Nagano Station East Exit, Express, approx. 70 minutes, 2,200 yen) Timetable

Start from Nagano Electric Railway “Yudanaka Station”

  • 長野電鉄 (A特急・特急 約45~70分、1,290円) 時刻表
  • 長電バス [K]白根火山線  (約35分、900円) 時刻表
  • 長電バス [S]奥志賀高原線  (約35分、900円) 時刻表
  • Nagano Dentetsu (A Express, Limited Express, approx. 45-70 minutes, 1,290 yen) Timetable
  • Nagaden Bus [K] Shirane Volcano Route (approx. 35 minutes, 900 yen) Timetable
  • Nagaden Bus [S] Okushiga Kogen Line (approx. 35 minutes, 900 yen) Timetable

* 長野電鉄・長電バスでは、PASMO・SUICA等のICカードは利用できません。
* 長電バス車内でキャッシュレス決済が可能な券種は公式サイトで確認ください。

* IC cards such as PASMO and SUICA cannot be used on Nagano Electric Railway and Nagaden Bus.
* Please check the official website for ticket types that allow cashless payment on the Nagaden Bus.