Meeting Rooms

The workshop will be held in the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo, located close to the centre of Tokyo (Bunkyo Ward).

Meeting rooms are located in the following buildings:

Building Nickname
Sanjo Conference Hall Sanjo
Ito International Research Center Ito
Faculty of Engineering, Building 2 FacEng2
Faculty of Science, Building 1 FacSci1
Faculty of Science, Building 4 FacSci4
Chemistry Building Chemistry

The building locations are shown on this map of the Hongo campus.

The room information given in the indico agenda uses the building nickname, together with the floor (F = above ground, B = below) and number of the room.
[e.g. "10F_1017, FacSci1" refers to room 1017 on the 10th floor of the Faculty of Science, Building 1.]

A Google map of the campus and surrounding area, showing the location of meeting rooms, nearby stations and hotels.