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Public Lecture by Professor Sheldon Lee Glashow
Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979

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Sheldon Lee Glashow is the Metcalf Professor of Mathematics and Physics at Boston University and Higgins Professor of Physics, Emeritus, at Harvard University. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979 for his contribution to the unified theory of the weak and electromagnetic interactions between elementary particles and the prediction of the weak neutral current.

In this lecture, Professor Glashow will speak about Serendipity in Science.

The lecture will be given in English. Simultaneous interpretation into Japanese will be provided.


Sunday, August 28, 2016, 2:00pm-4:00pm(doors open at 1:30pm)


Fukutake Hall(Learning Theater, The University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus)Access Map

Lecture Title

"Does science progress through blind chance or by intelligent design?"

Lecture Abstract

Scientific or technological breakthroughs are made in several ways: (i) Via the scientific method, where research follows a preconceived plan toward a specific goal. Discoveries of nuclear weapons and most antibiotics followed this Kantian mode. (ii) Sometimes entirely unexpected discoveries result from chance observations or "fooling around." Those of X-rays and penicillin were totally serendipitous. (iii) At other times planned and focused endeavors yield totally unexpected results having little to do with the original goal. The discoveries of radioactivity, TNT and Viagra followed this pattern. After discussing the entwined histories of Kantian and serendipitous discovery, I stress the necessity that governments continue to be proud and generous funders of pure or curiosity-driven research.

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Professor Hiroaki Aihara, Vice President, The University of Tokyo, will introduce the speaker.

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