Research Applications

2024 Application Guidelines for ICEPP, The University of Tokyo "Joint Research"

1. Description

ICEPP, the University of Tokyo forms part of the international experimental collaboration ATLAS at the LHC, the world's highest-energy proton-proton collider, operated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). In particular, ICEPP engages in research and development for the Regional Analysis Center, a physics-analysis computing site, and is preparing for future physics research at the LHC. ICEPP is also carrying out MEG, an international experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland that is searching for the rare decay of muons. Furthermore, ICEPP is also developing detector and accelerator technology for next-generation research projects such as the ILC. ICEPP has also begun broad-ranging development tailored to individual research objectives using IBM quantum computers. We are accepting applications for joint research projects inside Japan and abroad, including the research and development of data analysis systems for LHC experiments, physics research at the LHC, research in the MEG experiment, development of state-of-the-art detector and accelerator technologies for use in the ILC, and quantum computer applied research, etc.

2. Qualifications

Applicants must be researchers in national, public, or private universities or national or public research institutions (including graduate students and research students etc.), researchers with equivalent qualifications, or other persons deemed qualified by the Director of the ICEPP.

3. Application method

Submit the "Joint Research Application" (Attachment 1) to the address indicated in "6. Submission method."

4. Joint research period

From April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025
(Those wishing to perform ongoing joint research must also submit an application each year for review and decision. Please indicate in your application that your research is ongoing joint research.)

5. Submission deadline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; there is no deadline. However, applications must be submitted at least two months in advance for joint research that involves traveling overseas.

6. Submission method

Print out the application, have the representative of the joint research apply his/her seal, and submit it by attaching it to an email as a PDF file. The original is to be retained by the representative of the joint research.

7. Results

The Director will make decisions regarding joint research applications after deliberation by the Steering Committee. The Director will notify the representative that submitted the application of the decision results.

8. Expenses

8-1 Overseas travel expenses

Travel expense budgets for joint research involving overseas travel will be decided based on the contents of the application.

8-2 Domestic travel expenses

Travel expense budgets for travelling to ICEPP will be paid within the bounds of the budget decided based on the contents of the application.

8-3 Other research supplies, etc.

ICEPP will provide supplies, etc., necessary for research at ICEPP, CERN, PSI, etc., within the bounds of the budget decided based on the contents of the application.

9. Research equipment

Computing systems installed in ICEPP or CERN, etc. by ICEPP or international joint experiment groups, and experimental equipment, etc., in ICEPP may be used as necessary.

10. Joint research reports

Upon the completion of the joint research, the representative of the joint research must promptly submit a joint research report (Attachment 2) to the address indicated in "6. Submission method".

11. Other

Overseas research travel will be restricted to research institutions that have health and safety procedures.

Direct other inquiries regarding joint research to the contact point below.
Joint Research Manager, ICEPP, The University of Tokyo
TEL:+81-3-3815-8384 / FAX:+81-3-3814-8806