Scientific Program

The detailed program will be shown on KDS Indico. (A pop-up window will be displayed. Use 'kds' as the user name and type in the pass word indicated on the pop-up window without space.)

All presentation given in Higgs sessions (Parallel D on Nov. 14, Plenary on Nov. 15) are video-recorded. Go to Indico or visit here.

Organization of Sessions (Tentative)


Nov. 12 (Mon.) Nov. 13 (Tue.) Nov. 14 (Wed.) Nov. 15 (Thu.) Nov. 16 (Fri.)
Opening 1. Top 1. QCD Electroweak SUSY
Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
Soft QCD/H.Ion Exotics Top 2. Higgs Future 1.
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Soft QCD/H.Ion Parallel


(b)Heavy Flavor
Higgs Future 2.
Heavy Flavor Coffee  
Coffee Poster
Heavy Flavor Tour/Dinner





Social Program

Reception Drink

Reception drink will take place on Nov. 11th (Sun.) at the conference venue (restaurant Camphora: Bldg #2 on the campus map). It will start at 17:00.

Symposium Dinner

A short stroll and the symposium dinner is scheduled on Thursday evening (Nov. 15th).

Kodaiji Temple

A short stroll around Kodaiji Temple is planned before the symposium dinner.

Symposium Dinner at The Garden Oriental Kyoto

The symposium dinner will take place at the Garden Oriental Kyoto




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