Travel information is summarzied in HCP2012 web site.
Visa information is available in the same web site.

[1] International Airport (for people NOT attending HCP2012)
The internationl airports close to Tokyo are

[2] Tokyo from Kyoyo (for participants of HCP2012)
Shinkansen, which is known as the Bullet Train, is a high-speed railway lines in Japan operated by four Japan Railways Group companies (JRs). It is convenient to go on a trip to, for example, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, etc. from Kyoto. Please note that Japan Rail Pass is NOT valid for any reserved or non reserved seat on 'NOZOMI' and 'MIZUHO' trains. The map of all Shinkansen lines is available here (a map can be found in the bottom).

[3] Tokyo Area (to ICEPP, the University of Tokyo)
Access information to the University of Tokyo from airports etc is available here.
[3-1] "Acesss Map" shows access from Narita(airport), Haneda(airport), Tokyo(rail station) to "Hongo Campus".
[3-2] "Hongo Campus Map" shows a map of our campus.
Chemistry auditorium is on the 5F of nr.103, lecture 1320 room is on the 3F of nr.101, and ICEPP is on the 10F of nr.98.

Another informaiton of transportation from airports to Tokyo is available in here.

Transporation information
Subway stations getting to Hongo campus are
Hongo-sanchome (E08 or M21), Todaimae (N12) or Nezu (C14) of this subway map.

Tokyo tourism info