ATLAS Physics Analysis Tools Workshop

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At this time, we have two major objectives;

Physics Analysis Tutorials for users (May 15 - 16) PAT Workshop (May 17 - 19)
  • introduction of the ATLAS analysis framework to biginners
  • demonstration of PAT applications
  • providing a few excersizes for participants
  • guidance to advanced PAT usage
  • improvements in physics object navigation
  • establishing associations between physics objects
  • realization of an event view concept
  • histogram package(s) integration and interfaces
  • interactions with Gaudi and StoreGate

Much much more photo: Tutorial sessions : Reception party : Workshop sessions : Excursion : Workshop dinner


Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3
 Bulletins and Announcements

 Agenda (please note the agenda change as of May 11)

The Analysis Tutorial is scheduled for two days, starting Monday, May 15, at 10:30am. The Distributed Analysis meeting is held starting Wednesday morning and ending Friday morning. A meeting for User Feedback is held on Thursday morning. Below shows an outline of the schedule. For detailed agenda, see agenda on the CERN server. The workshop concludes on Friday, May 19, at 17:00.

May 15
9:00-10:20 Registration Koshiba Hall
10:20-12:30 Analysis Tutorial (see note A)
14:00-18:20 Analysis Tutorial (see note A)
18:30-19:30 Welcome drink Koshiba Hall Lobby
May 16
8:45-12:30 Analysis Tutorial (see note A) Koshiba Hall
14:00-18:30 Analysis Tutorial (see note A)
May 17
9:00-11:30 Distributed Analysis Sanjo Kaikan
13:00-19:00 Excursion (departing from Entrance bldg. 1) (see note B)
May 18
9:00-11:00 User Feedback Koshiba Hall
11:30-12:30 Evolution of Interactive Analysis Tools
14:00-17:30 Analysis EDM - Review of Issues
18:30-21:00 Workshop dinne( (meeting time/place 18:00 sharp)/Kohsiba Hall) (see note C) Ikedaya(map)
May 19
9:00-12:30 Parallel Session 1 - Analysis EDM Koshiba Hall
9:00-12:30 Parallel Session 2 - Analysis EDM ICEPP meeting room
14:00-17:35 Workshop Summary Koshiba Hall
evening (optional) depart to Kyoto tour

The detailed agenda will be available on the CERN agenda server soon --> here.

note A (tutorials): All participants of the workshop tutorials are asked to study the JapanAnalysisTutorial1105 in advance. We will spend some time for trigger tutorial. Every participant of the tutorials is asked to prepare his/her portable PC and an account beforehand.

note B (Excursion): We will have short trip to Japanese traditional culture/park with English guide. We will start from the University of Tokyo by chartered bus after lunch, visit a Japanese traditional park in the Imperial palace (Ninomaru, Teien) , one of beautiful parks in Japan. Then we visit "Bunraku", a Japanese traditional puppet theater. In the evening we enjoy the night view of Tokyo. We return to the University of Tokyo at 9 pm. The excursion fee is 10000 Japanese yen (70 Euro) including bus, ticket of Bunraku and park. Dinner is not included, If you will not take part in this short excursion, please contact workshop secretary before 14th April.

note C (Workshop dinner): The dinner is held in the Japanese "casual" style bar and restaurant Ikedaya (map). A pick-up bus is available departing 18:20 sharp from the Koshiba Hall. The fee is 7000 Japanese yen (about 50 Euro) including everything. A pick-up bus is available leaving 18:20 from the Koshiba Hall. If you do not take part in this dinner, please contact workshop secretary.

List of Participants

CERN:               F. Gianotti, A. Dell'Acqua, D. Froidevaux, A. Farbin
Bergen:             G. Eigen
Radbaud U Nijmgen:  G. Ordonez-Sanz
Oxford:             F. Heinemann
Queen Mary London:  A. Shibata
RAL:                M. Wielers
Lancaster:          J.R. Catmore
Innsbruck:          A.H. Wildauer
BNL:                K.A. Assamagan, T. Maeno, K. Cranmer
SUNY:               M. Thioye
ANL:                D.M. Malon
Hampton:            A. Harvey
Texas Arlington     K. De
Arizona:            P. Loch
LBNL:               P. Calafiura, S. Binet
TRIUMF:             Y. Ishizawa
Tokyo:              S. Asai, H. Sakamoto, J. Tanaka, T. Kobayashi, M. Kataoka, I. Ueda, H. Okawa, H. Matsunaga, 
                    T. Mashimo, M. Kaneda, G. Koreki, T. Kuwabara, H. Otono
KEK:                T. Kondo, Y. Unno, H. Iwasaki, K. Ozone, O. Jinnouchi, K. Nagano, J. Tojo, Y. Watase
Tsukuba:            K. Hara, Y. Nagai, K. Inoue
Kobe:               N. Kanaya, K. Kawagoe, H. Kurashige, C. Omachi, T. Sugimoto, H. Kiyamura
Okayama:            R. Tanaka, D. Naito
Shandong:           Z. Yan
Nanjing Normal:     J. Ping
IHEP, Beijing:      L-Y. Shan, H. Zhang
USTC, Hefei:        L. Han, P. Zhang
Academia Sinica:    P.K. Teng, S. Hou, T.L. Hsieh
Sydney:             A. Waugh
Melbourne:          E. Barberio, N.M. Davidson, G.N. Taylor, M. Bischofberger
Mary Matha College of Engneering:  R.M. Chacko
More information on participants

Registration and Workshop Fee

Workshop registration : The Workshop registration must be done via web. Click the registration page, then fill and send the form please. The registration is now closed

Hotel Reservation : As you find in the hotel list below, there is a dozen of hotels available nearby the workshop location. Rooms of hotels No. 1, 2 and 3 can be reserved through the workshop organizer in fisrt-come-and-fisrt-serve base. Please fill and send Hotel Reservation Form. If you like to stay in hotels No. >=4, you can directly make your reservation using their web pages.

Workshop Fee : Cash payment only. Please pay at the registration dest at the Conference Hall.

Nearby Hotels

Please make a hotel reservation directly. Below is a list of nearby hotels. The web sites are written in English (E) or in Japanese (J).

No.    Hotel name      location      time by walking    per night   Tel, Fax and comments
to nearby station
Hotel 1 Forest Hongo (E) Hongo5 min.10 min. (Hongo-san-chome)
5 min.(Todai-mae)
9,875 Yen 
Hotel 2 Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou (E) Nezu10 min.2 min. (Nezu) 7,140 Yen  
Hotel 3 Ueno Hotel Parkside (J) Ueno15 min. 6 min. (Ueno)
1 min. (Yushima)
single 9,800 Yen
semi-double 10,600
5 single
5 semi-double
available for PAT2006
Rooms of above hotels (No. 1, 2, 3) can be reserved through Workshop Secretary
Rooms of hotels below can be reserved directly by yourself
Hotel 4 Hotel Kizankan (E) Hongo10 min.2 min. (Hongo-san-chome)7,350 Yen 
Hotel 5 Ueno Terminal Hotel (E) Ueno20 min.2 min. (Ueno)7,500 Yen  
Hotel 6 Ueno First City Hotel (E) Ueno15 min. 10 min. (Ueno)
1 min. (Yushima)
5 min.(Okachimachi)
8,400 Yen 
Hotel 7 R&B Hotel Ueno-Hirokouji (J)Okachimachi20 min.3 min. (Okachimachi)
1 min. (Ueno Hirokoji)
1 min.(Ueno Okachimachi)
6,930 Yen Tel:+81-3-5688-0505
Hotel 8 Tokyo Garden Palace (J) Ochanomizu20-25 min.5 min.(Ochanomizu)10,279 YenTel:+81-3-3813-6211
Hotel 9 Ochnomizu St.Hills Hotel (E) Ochanomizu20-25 min.5 min. (Ochanomizu)
5 min.(Yushima)
9,345 Yen 
Hotel 10 Hotel Ochanomizu Inn (E) Ochanomizu20-25 min.3 min.(Ochanomizu)7,980 Yen 

Visa Information

Under Japan's Immigration Control Act, any foreigner wishing to enter or land in Japan must possess a valid passport and a visa obtained from an embassy or consulate. For more details, please see

Visa Exemption : Nationals of 62 countries (see here) can apply for landing permission without a visa for short-term stays in case of sightseeing and business trips in Japan.


The tutorials as well as the working group meetings are held mainly at Koshiba Hall in the University of Tokyo.
Some workshop sessions are held at the meeting rooms in Sanjo Kaikan and ICEPP

Koshiba Hall : Faculty of Science Building No. 1 Area C, 2nd floor.
The room seats about 100 persons comfortably. It is equipped with video projector. Wireless network connections, together with land lines, are going to be available. Details of these connections will be communicated at the beginning of the workshop.

ICEPP : Faculty of Science Building No. 1 Area W, 10th floor.
There is a small meeting room for a few tens persons, equipped with wireless LAN, a video projector and white boards.

Sanjo Kaikan : Sanjo Conference Hall.
There is a large meeting room for 100 persons, equipped with wireless LAN, a video projector and microphones.

Coffee, tea, and water will be available during morning and afternoon breaks. Several cafeterias are available for lunch on the University of Tokyo, and on near by University area (in walking distances).


Maps and Tourist Information
Travel desk :
  • May 16 (Tue) 15:00-16:00 open at the room next to Koshiba Hall
  • May 17 (Wed) 11:30-12:00 open in the Sanjyo Kaigisho meeting room
  • May 18 (Thu) 10:30-11:00 open at the room next to Koshiba Hall

    Useful maps and guides:

    Committees and Contacts

    Advisory Committee : F. Gianotti (CERN), D. Barberis (Genova), G. Polesello (INFN), A. Dell'Acqua (CERN), D. Quarrie (LBNL), N. Ellis (CERN), C. Bee (CPPM)
    Programme Commitee : K. Assamagan (BNL), T. Maeno (BNL), S. Asai (ICEPP, Tokyo), J. Tanaka (ICEPP, Tokyo)
    Local Organizing Committee : S. Asai, T. Kondo (KEK), O. Jinnouchi (KEK), H. Kurashige (Kobe), K. Kawagoe (Kobe), T. Kobayashi (ICEPP, Tokyo), H. Sakamoto (ICEPP, Tokyo)
    Contacts : K. Assamagan and T. Maeno (BNL) for Workshop program, and S. Asai for local organization.
    Workshop secretary : Please contact workshop secretary for reservation, tickets, change of your schedule, etc.